According to Matsushita Konosuke, Founder of Panasonic, “the term Sunao connotes a mind that accepts life in an open and constructive way, a mind that is unresisting in the face of truth and free from adherence to narrow views. This quality enables us to develop disciplined objectivity free from prejudice, and to see things as they really are.”

Since I worked at Panasonic many years ago, I became inspired by the depth of Matsushita’s thinking, which is a powerful tool to survive any difficult circumstance in our personal, professional or business life. This thinking, I believe, is food for thought and especially, for any human spirit looking for higher purpose.

I hope my readers can find the same inspiration in the concept of Sunao, as I found it when I became acquainted with Matsushita’s work.

In addition, I also wish to share some expressions of wisdom, which I have applied throughout my life.

  • All nature and the universe have been undergoing a process of Seisei Hatten from the beginning of time, and they will continue to do so eternally into the future. Seisei Hatten means birth, growth, development and transformation. The law of seisei Hatten is at work at the universe and in society, and it is within this context that we conduct our business activities. Konosuke Matsushita, Founder of Panasonic.

  • The Great Masters always tell us: Time and Patience, everything comes in due time.

  • Live as if you are going to die tomorrow; learn as if you are going to live forever. Gandhi.

  • Some men and women are superior to me in some sense; that is why I do not hesitate a moment to learn from them. Emerson.

  • Be aware and protect yourself from the three worse vices of the human spirit: envy, greed and selfishness. They do not only destroy human relations, but also entire nations. Unknown.

  • To reach your life’s objectives, you must stay focused, get deeper and keep steady. Conventional wisdom.

  • To be successful, you have to work a bit more than the rest. Federico Humbert, former President of Banco General.

  • If you want to enjoy a happy life, keeps a happy wife (conventional wisdom).